About Us

Welcome to Humanergetic Therapies Wellness Centre Gold Coast

Here at our Clear Island Waters Clinic on the Gold Coast, we take a holistic and proven approach in treating YOU, the whole person. We offer advanced healing technologies, we always take the time and we love to see you transform.

Who are we?

Neil is a specialist in the field of Atlas Profilax certified by the AtlasProfilax Academy in Sierre, Switzerland and the president of Atlasprofilax Australia. He has certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy issued in the US by the American Board of Hynothrapy and is a certified massage and Bowen therapist.

Neil has over 10 years expertise in the knowledge and application of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers and is the co-director of Humanergetic Therapies Wellness Centre.

He is dedicated to providing the best outcomes for his patients’ health and wellness goals and is always attentive to address each individual person’s needs.

Oxygen therapy Hyperbaric Chamber rentals and sales the Gold Coast, Australia.