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    Neil Pont

    Director, Lic Atlas Prof & Energy Medicine Clinician

    Neil is a specialist in the application of Atlas Profilax, the treatment that allows a misalignment of the upper cervical spine to align permanently and safely with the skull. He has applied this treatment to over 7,000 clients. In addition Neil is a NLP timeline psych therapist and Fascial Kinnetics (Bowen). He is fully trained in Hyperbaric Oxygen, Hydrogen Inhalation, Photobiomodulation and Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

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    Aknes Kendra (PhD)

    Transpersonal Resonance Practitioner

    Aknes is a qualified researcher and experienced transpersonal resonance practitioner. She specialises in helping clients find balance in their mind-body using vibrational tools and meta-cognition. The Transpersonal Resonance approach she founded focuses on re-setting the nervous and endocrine system, in particular shifting cellular programming through various psychophysiological pain (ie: anxiety, chronic fatigue, or any medically unexplained symptoms). Aknes is also fully trained in Hyperbaric Oxygen, Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation, Photobiomodulation and Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

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