Equipment For Rent

We offer several equipment to rent for your convenience…

Listed below are some cost effective measures to assist with your long term recovery. These equipment can be rented on a monthly basis for home use and returned when you are ready.

Curatron Ultra Power 3-D – This is a Clinical State of the Art Curatron System

There is no other PEMF system that delivers up to 1600 Gauss or 160 mT [milli-Tesla] over the entire body. Amazingly the pulsed electromagnetic field created with the 3D unit completely envelopes and penetrates the whole body in all 3 axes (length, width and height). This guarantees the highest penetration through all tissue, cells and bones deep inside the body because this strong PEMF field is still very powerful 20 inches (50 cm) above the complete mattress area and even beyond. This system has been designed for clinical applications where instant results are crucial to treating patients. Your body is treated with very powerful PEMF’s, which can be felt easily with the test magnet, even far above the mattress. In other words, your whole body is literally “bathed” completely inside and out by these very strong pulsed electromagnetic fields. Please contact us HERE to ask for availability and price.