Initial Consultation

What is an Initial Consultation?

An Initial Consultation is a confidential and helpful 45-60 minute meeting conducted in person to see if what we offer in our clinic is a good fit for your process of recovery.

Common topics we cover during our session include:

  • Your current health situation with any medical reports or x-rays you may have
  • Postural measurements for any vertebrae misalignments or malrotations
  • What is impeding your recovery and how we help others through those
  • Initial analysis of your bio-energetic field with an FDA approved quantum sensor device (auric analysis if required)
  • The most efficient programs we can offer to support your recovery

We can offer solutions around your challenges, give you advice based on what successful holistic interventions have previously helped other people and discuss how these options might be able to help you.

Our clinic has been operational on the Gold Coast for more than 10 years. And prior to that in Brisbane for 8 years. Our new client referral rate exceeds 90% and we take great pride in helping everyone’s journey to living a pain free life!