Meta-Cognitive Biofield Therapy (Including Sonopuncture)

What is Meta-Cognitive Biofield Therapy (Sound Biofield)?

Meta (from the Greek μετα-, meta-, meaning “after” or “beyond”) is a prefix meaning more comprehensive or transcending.

Meta-Cognitive Biofield Therapy (McBT) is an intuitive combination of non-invasive technique to facilitate transcendence of the current thought process (by drawing out and addressing past ‘unfinished business’) to restore systemic balance in your physiology.

It is conducted using a combination of positive aspects of hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and sound frequencies. A full session usually includes the regression process, childhood retrieval, upgrading of your cellular body (soma) or bio-energetic imprints to mobilise suspended energies from past issues impeding the empowering connection to deeper forces of health.

McBT goes beyond uncovering what works with real clients in real sessions to build new therapeutic approaches regardless of the issue. In sessions, you will benefit from the application of a particular set of proven techniques to relieve yourself from unexplained pain conditions. McBT also helps empower you to honour the present moment which enables permanent powerful transformation to happen.

Who can benefit?

Anyone ready for change – though this treatment is especially helpful for undiagnosed pain patients. McBT is a complementary treatment to allopathic medicine for psychosomatic conditions.

Psychosomatic is an adjective (of a physical illness or other condition) caused or aggravated by mental factors such as internal conflict or stress.

  • Psychosomatic conditions are symptoms of bodily dysfunction emerging from mental or emotional discordance
  • When an initial psychosomatic pain remains undiagnosed, it eventually evolves, or devolves, into its own dis-ease. At this stage, pain is no longer indicative of another prognosis — it is the prognosis
  • A common misconception is that psychosomatic conditions are imaginary or “all in the head.” But in reality, physical symptoms of psychosomatic conditions are real and require treatment just as any other illness would. Unfortunately, effective treatment isn’t always readily available.

McBT adopts an inside-out approach to treatment. Your own physiology and inner state dictates how this process will occur. Treatment is followed in an intuitive, rather than predictable way so each session is unique at different points in time. No two session is ever the same.

Some common psychosomatic issues worked with include:

  • Skin disorders such as eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis
  • Sleeping problems or insomnia related to chronic fatigue, acute exhaustion, anxiety, stress, depression, restlessness
  • Physical pain from neurological conditions related to traumatic injuries, PTSD or childhood abuse
  • General sense of worry or un-wellness manifesting as pain conditions in any parts of the body
  • Respiratory ailments, gastrointestinal disturbances, hypertension, ulcers, tension headaches, migranes

What to expect?

This therapy is usually conducted within 90-120 minutes in the Scalar Wave Lounge. It begins with therapeutic communication where we find out the reason and motivations for the session. This initial stage is where a relationship of trust is built and acts as a important resource for effective treatment.

If there is a persistent underlying stress in the body, ancient sound instruments is commonly used to engage the body’s internal network of connective tissue (fascia) to relax. In health, the fascial compartments of the body are able to glide against each other, allowing mobility (flow of energy) between all the different organs they envelope. However, when there is built up resistance (from stress) in the body, tension can be transmitted easily from one area to another due to the relatively inelastic fascial network. The fascia’s response to sound resonance releases traction and reduce previously formed adhesions. This prepares the ground for successful psychosomatic treatment.


Aim of treatment

The essential aim of treatment is to naturally seek the greatest balance possible (homeostasis) for the healing of body and mind. There is an inherent tendency towards this balance, where a dynamic equilibrium is found within the whole field, marked by an optimal point of conscious stillness, where the therapeutic process of undiagnosed condition can be permanently resolved.

The establishment of a clear and appropriate intention for the session is crucial to the effectiveness of this treatment. Eventually the systemic settling of this dynamic stillness will express itself at a level of being where there is no duality. In other words, there is no separation between body and mind, between pain and health, or between practitioner and patient. There is no coming and going, therefore there is no illness nor treatment.

This is the zero point field referred to in quantum physics – a vibratory field of stillness that holds all potential energy. When given the space, deeper self-corrective forces of the body have an opportunity to come back into play. The common saying “time is a great healer” is reflected here. In essence, time equals space. In ancient Buddhist teachings, space is the most important and ultimate healing principle. This is because Unconditional space (Unconditional love) is a fundamental quality of our natural state. Therefore, creating space enables us to be in touch with our own source of health & wellbeing.

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Practitioner Profile

Aknes Kendra is a scholarly student of both Eastern & Western spiritual science. She is also highly engaged in a diverse field of metaphysical tools such as astrology and sound healing. In her early life, she was educated in classical music, natural sciences and currently finalising her PhD. Owing to these varying experiences, Aknes has found her natural ability to consistently help others explore practical science based, soul orienting solutions to relieve emotional stress and ‘unfinished baggage.’

Aknes Kendra started practising Meta-Cognitive Biofield Therapy after working with people suffering from different pain conditions. The development of this unique therapy was years in the making as Aknes distils the essence of her own healing experience from topics around heart-based therapy, spirituality and freedom from pain. The sharing of her own research and insights in these topics inspire people to see through new eyes, empowering them to realise their own inherent potential for inner freedom and wellbeing.

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