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New OpportunityFull Body Infrared Light Bed

Here at ‘Humanergetics’, we aim to keep at the very forefront of the latest technology that is optimum for health, vitality and healing of various conditions.

For this reason, I recently added the new “Infrared Light Bed”, with 4 power settings and 4 frequencies. Surpassing in functionality of its predecessor which had the traditional 2 frequencies, LED 550nm and NIR 810nm, this beauty has a frequency range between 1 and 5,000 Hz giving total flexibility allowing us to tailor the therapy to each client’s unique needs.


The diodes are convex lens with a functional life exceeding 20,000 hours and there are 4 efficient cooling fans that ensure maximum comfort.

Your clients will love the benefits they can achieve in your clinic using this Infrared Light Bed, an addition that will enhance your therapies.

If you are interested with a view to purchasing a unit for your clinic, let’s arrange a time for you to experience the Infrared Light Bed for yourself, alternatively please get in contact using the form below, I will endeavour to provide all the information you require in order to make your decision with ease.

The cost of the Unit is $39,800 including GST.

Explore The Core Features

The Humanergetics light pod takes phototherapy to a profound new level with a powerful and immersive healing experience.


Powerful Performance for Genuine Transformations

Humanergetics Full Body Infra-Red Light Bed’s pioneering effort and pivotal contribution to the wellness industry lies in its ability to initiate cellular-level healing through convex lens LEDs and customized unique wave lengths optimal to your physiological needs.


Reduces Healing Time

The Humanergetic is a powerful use of the most dense light with selective frequencies including the famous Nogier frequencies which stimulates the entire body in every treatment and optimised for various circumstances.

Image showing how the body can be healed by the machine.


Adjust Settings Easily

Configure the settings based on your needs or the needs of your client. Easily use the interface to choose the appropriate settings.


A Complete Experience

Experience an immersion in the light pod, which enables healing and transformation of your entire body.

For Patients

A Powerful New Solution for Healing

The benefits that it offers are vast and able to help people in all kinds of situations.

Sports Rehab and Recovery

Accelerates healing of ligaments, tendons, muscles, stiffness & soreness.

Soothes Arthritis and Joint Pain

Improves Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and disc-degeneration.

Reduces Chronic Pain

Reduces inflammation, nerve damage and autoimmune conditions.

Wounds and Injury Healing

Accelerates healing of sprains, strains and post surgical.

Skin Conditions and Anti-Aging

Reduces wrinkles, improves skin tone and conditions, including, but not limited to Psoriasis, Acne, Eczema and Dermatitis.

Weight Loss

Lose inches by shrinking unwanted fat cells and following the Prism Fresh-Start nutrition plan & fitness guidelines.

For Facilities

A Valuable Opportunity for Health Facilities

Each session is private, safe and the bed is easy to sanitize. With its multifaceted healing benefits, Humanergetics Full Body Red Light Bed can be offered as an adjunct health solution in integrated wellness facilities, sports performance & rehabilitation centres and aesthetic med-spas around Australia.

Competitive Differentiation

Build Recurring Revenue

Keep Your Clients Loyal

Minimum Overhead

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