Sound Healing & Rapid Transformational Therapy

In a 90 – 120 minute session, you enjoy deep levels of relaxation and restoration with Himalayan Singing Bowl healing. It is conducted within a zero-point energy field. Each session offers you the opportunity to awaken to new levels of awareness, to self-soothe and re-frame the sub-conscious patterning which may be driving certain behaviours and actions.

With renewed clarity it is possible to change the perspective which determines how you experience your daily life. This session is beneficial for someone who is looking to find reprieve from suffering (resistance). The space is created for you to step outside of the world as you have always known it, to relax and detach from old mental constructs, and find more compassion for yourself.

Feedback we have received from Clients, is often a reduced level of anxiety (mental & emotional fog) and an expanded awareness to what was holding them back from a more fulfilling life.

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What do Others Say…

“My session with Aknes left me in awe as it brought me out of my usual day-to-day busy-ness into a deep state of relaxation, inner peace and harmony. Words are inadequate to describe how I truly felt in my heart the first time I experience my time with her. The letting go process, especially during the singing bowl session served as an open invitation for me to stop and recognise what is true and liberating in the moment, a silent presence which is always accessible.

It was a session I will always remember and I highly recommend it for anyone who needs a break from any kind of stress or turmoil to give it a try! You will find that the lasting impact of spiritual alignment is an experience well worth investing in!” Neil Pont

Our Partners – Our Connections

In our commitment to providing you with the very best in natural medicine, we work very closely with other leaders in the world of natural medicine, and taking a holistic approach to your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

We are very excited to be able to introduce you to our partners, who will provide services to you in their fields of expertise which can form a fundamental part of your health and wellness journey.

Aknes Kendra

Aknes Kendra is a certified therapist in Rapid Transformational Therapy & Sound Healing who works with people who are ready for change. In her early life, she was educated in a diverse field of music, science and currently completing her final year PhD in Economics. Her interests include seeking spiritual truths beyond psychology, the natural inquiry of the mind, meditation, self-reflection and facilitating the process of evolution for the body-mind-soul.

She holds a firm belief in the connection of mental clarity and emotional/ physiological wellbeing. The sharing of her own research and insights in these topics inspire people to see through new eyes, as she devotes herself in holding the space for those who are seeking inner freedom, peace and love.