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Some reviews and kind words from others...

Proud We have Helped so many Happy Clients

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How refreshing to see a business model that focuses on remedying medical ailments in one visit! The AtlasPROfilax process is a straightforward and well-explained process that worked for me. There are no prolonged repeat visits because there is no need. At last a process that addresses the root problem and not the symptoms.

Elle CIndooroopilly, Qld

I would like to let you know how delighted I am with the results of the Atlas adjustment you made 3 weeks ago. I came to see you after seeing my doctor. I have had neck and shoulder problems all my life, but suddenly after catching a cold things got a lot worse, and resulted in frequent weird feelings almost like panic attacks. He sent me for an MRI and said that the bones in my neck had deteriorated and nothing could be done about it. I did get some relief from a chiropractic adjustment, but the problem remained to a lesser degree. I suspected that the problem in my neck was compounded by a virus inflaming the bones because my wife had similar symptoms from her cold. I came to you on recommendation and after just one Atlas adjustment I left your clinic and immediately noted a vast improvement. I could move my head without the grinding sound and feeling I have always experienced. I have always had what appeared to be a prominent protrusion of the bones at the top of my spine. This area was invariable inflamed and sore, but after your adjustment the lump disappeared and the bones no longer protrude, or are inflamed. Another thing very noticeable is that whereas I never felt balanced however much I tried to adjust my shoulders, now my balance is excellent and my shoulders are free of the constant tension I have had all my life. Many thanks for achieving such a marvelous result. All the best


Dear Neil Thank you for aligning my Atlas. Since then I have had no headaches and the chronic pain in my neck and shoulders has been virtually eliminated. And the Bowen work you did on my coccyx has removed all pain there also. In fact my Chiropractor said my neck and upper spine is good and there is nothing she has to do further, what a great surprise. Again many thanks, I will recommend people to you.

Redland Bay, Qld

Dear Neil Just a quick note to say thank you for the Atlas Profilax treatment. I have no more dizziness or pins and needles in my fingers. My knee is much better and believe it or not I think my eyesight has improved, so I’m holding off on getting reading glasses. Don’t know how that happened but I’m grateful anyway.


Dear Neil Just a quick comment on the result of the Atlas Profilax alignment I had done last December. Needless to say I am very pleased with the outcome, as there have been major improvements in different parts of my body. After the first night I actually jumped out of bed feeling virtually no pain. My neck is no longer restricted and my posture and my hips feel much straighter. Admittedly some aches in my legs and feet have remained but overall the positive changes are remarkable. Thank you for making this treatment available.

May Weddell
Thornlands, Qld

Dear Neil Your Atlas treatment last November has literally changed my life After years of so many doctors and other health professionals being unable to help with my chronic pain and telling me “it’s all in my head” thanks to you I am now free of almost all of my pain. No more headaches, no more dizziness, no more lower back pain, my lung capacity has improved and best of all my family is happy. Neil, if sharing my comments encourages another person who may be suffering pain to have your treatment, it is just my way of wanting to help others.

David Halls
Gladstone, Qld

I was referred to Atlas Profilax natural health practitioner, Neil Pont. I have suffered from chronic pressure headaches, dizziness and vertigo as well as neck arms and tingling in my fingers. And a painful hip. I had my Atlas aligned two weeks ago and since then all pain except for my hip has disappeared, and the level of pain in my hip has gone from a nine to a three. Needless to say I would recommend anyone suffering from pain to consider having the alignment, it doesn’t hurt and Neil says it is permanent.

J Kingston
Wynnum, Manly

Hi Neil, Thanks for the great service you provided to us today. Justin felt very relaxed tonight. He felt like he had received a gift today with this treatment. He is looking forward to realising the full benefits of the adjustment in time. My body feels more relaxed also and looking forward to a good sleep. There is more flexibility than before but soreness remaining which is understandable. I am sure it will improve faster with the help you gave me today and further physiotherapy. Thank you again so much for this very kind service you gave to me. Justin and I are very excited by the other therapies you shared with us especially about the hair sampling technology. I am so glad Justin asked you about this. We will make an appointment to see you about that in the near future. Perhaps we can do this when we next come down for the Atlas check. Justin’s wife was pleased to hear about his Atlas experience today and we may even get to see you sooner to book her an Atlas treatment and eventually her children once they have moved up. Speak to you again soon Many blessings

Judy Hardess

I had this treatment 48 hours ago and the difference in the way I feel is profound. I had been suffering increasing pain in my neck and been feeling slightly off centre for years. After having the treatment the relief from pain was almost immediate and I have gradually felt my body straightening up since. Strangely this feeling started in my face in the car on the way home, and has been particularly noticeable along my spine at night time. I had recently been told that I had mild scoliosis and I would not be at all surprised if that was gone now as I am definitely standing taller. The pain at the back of my neck had been a constant distraction in everything I was doing an it is such a relief to have it gone. I am sure I will be more productive as a result. If anyone is experiencing a sore or tight neck/lower jaw and/or feeling slightly crooked in their spine I would strongly urge them to give this a go. Thank you Neil.