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Atlas Profilax

A unique and revolutionary method which promotes health and self-healing

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What is AtlasProfilax?

A misaligned Atlas can result in pain anywhere in the body. Some of the conditions successfully treated with AtlasProfilax are neck and back pain (both chronic and acute), headaches, migraines,  tinnitus, herniated disc and scoliotic pelvis, scoliosis, jammed spinal nerves, pain in the jaw, arms, hips, knees, other knee problems, meniscus and differences in leg length.

Did you know that the ATLAS, the first cervical vertebra connecting the skull to the spine is misaligned in most humans?

Misalignment of the atlas may lead to a variety of physical and psychological problems. The atlas is the gateway to the rest of the spine and when it is not in its correct position the body has to compensate for this imbalance somewhere else along the spine, hips, knees or any other part of the body.

AtlasProfilax was discovered by the late René-Claudius Schumperli who himself was painfully affected by a misaligned atlas. In the early 1990’s he developed a revolutionary method which facilitates the return of the atlas to its correct position, safely and permanently in ONE treatment.

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The Symptoms

An adult skull can weigh from 6 to 10 kilos and when not in its correct position can create continuous pressure on the spinal cord, the cerebral nerves, arteries and vessels can cause severe physical and mental disturbances, pain and illness. Because the atlas not only carries the skull, but also facilitates suspension and balance in controlling the spine and skeleton, a misaligned atlas may be the cause of serious disturbances in posture. One example of the postural changes that may be caused by a misaligned atlas is the scoliotic pelvis.

The Cause

The picture shows an atlas mal-rotated to the left with a right tilt. Depending on the rotation angle, a misaligned atlas may cause a reduction of the volume of the skull opening and the vertebral canal. This can expose the spinal cord, cranial nerves and other nerve tracts to continuous pressure. It can also lead to the constriction of the vertebral arteries, the carotid artery as well as various other vessels, lymphatic and cerebrospinal fluid.

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Only ONE application

The AtlasProfilax method is world unique in being able to correct a misaligned atlas with only ONE application — accurately, safely and permanently.

It consists of a specialised targeted massage to the short neck musculature designed to loosen the existing tension in those muscles and consequentially return the atlas to its natural position. This method does not employ any manipulative movements of the head or neck and is gentle and pain free.

Free your body to self-heal

When the atlas is in its correct position the body is free to self-heal and regenerate enabling the entire organism to function better. For a vast number of people, healing is instantly initiated and many symptoms are relieved immediately while others will experience the full effect over time. AtlasProfilax is a simple, safe procedure that can produce life-long advantages. It can also be applied to children as a preventative measure allowing them to develop to their fullest potential.

Certified Atlas Professional

The AtlasProfilax method can and may only be practiced safely by a specialist — an AtlasProfilax practitioner educated and certified by the AtlasProfilax Academy in Valais, Switzerland. Neil Pont is a certified AtlasProf and has over 10 years’ experience in Australia having facilitated more than 7,000 Atlas procedures.

The method is non-medical and non-chiropractic. It employs no manipulative movements to the head or neck and requires no medical or other diagnosis.

Price: $330 for a full consultation and treatment (including follow up appointment)

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