Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

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In the body, H2 molecular hydrogen eliminates only the most harmful free radicals, thereby reducing oxidative stress and allowing the body to maintain optimal functionality and achieve balance.

The most powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, molecular hydrogen, offers these main benefits:

  • Reduce blood lactate levels and improves exercise-induced decline of muscle function
  • Improves the pathology of mitochondrial disorders
  • An effective and specific innovative treatment for exercise-induced oxidative stress and sports injury
  • Passes the blood-brain barrier and reverses the changes induced by controlled cortical impact (CCI), hence highly effective treatment for traumatic brain injury (TBI)

H2 to the Rescue

Our hydrogen inhalation machines deliver H2, an extremely light gas consisting of two hydrogen atoms tightly bound to one another. We offer H2 through a nasal cannula (tube) at 99.99% purity (approximately 310 flow) and 99.99% purity oxygen (approximately 150 flow). Only high quality distilled water is used during treatment.

So, how about getting in touch with us for a 20-minute session and experience your unique healing process today. All prices are available HERE.